Strategic Plan

​Strategic Plan (2010-2014)

• “Agricultural Production and Security of Supply”, “Food Safety”, “Plant Health and Animal Health”, “Rural Development” and “Institutional Capacity” have been determined as strategic areas in Strategic Plan.

• 6 strategic objectives and 38 strategic targets have been determined within the scope of the Plan. The Plan aims to;

- guide agricultural production and provide security of supply,

-develop agricultural infrastructure, protect and improve environment and natural

resources, enable sustainability and take measures to reduce the effect of natural disasters,

- provide high quality supply of food and feed,

- eradicate the diseases and pests, prevent product losses and protect public health,

- develop agricultural infrastructure services, human resources and organization level in

rural area, provide market integration, diversify the income of rural population, increase

local development capacity and quality of life,

- provide perfect managerial and institutional capacity to offer efficient and qualified services.

Agricultural Strategy Paper (2006-2010) and Agriculture Law

The Agriculture Strategy Paper (2006-2010) has set the main aims of agriculture as to constitute an agriculture sector sustainable, highly competitive and organised by taking into account economic, social, environmental and international development dimensions within the principle of the utilization of the resources effectively. In this framework, the agricultural support measures have been re-identified.

The Agriculture Law was adopted in 2006 which determines and regulates the policies for agriculture and rural development in line with the development plans and strategies. The Agriculture Law also defines the aims, scope and subjects of the agricultural policies, the instruments of agriculture and rural development support, the financing and administrative structure and the legal and administrative arrangements for the main research and development programmes to be implemented in the agriculture sector.​